Trail Hiker
Harbour City Bingo
Nanaimo, British Columbia
"Trail Hiker"
Rip off! Went and played the 9-11 PM Session recently, they charge you the same buy in price as regular busy times, but the pay outs are a joke for prizes on games; for example, $30.00, $15.00 prizes. Also no one tells you that its low pay outs when you buy in. No disclosure. I felt like I got ripped off. I will never be back. That is the last time they get my money. I don't mind not winning, but for the people that did, every game should have a pay out of $250 or more, per game. If they are going to pay out less, when there is less people playing, then they should lower the buy in price, down to $5.00 or $7.00 not $15.00. You would have better odds, buying a lotto ticket, or going to the casino and playing slots. Those big Bonanza pay outs is a carrot they dangle to get people in. Nanaimo needs a real Bingo Hall that pays out larger amounts.