Samuel Wilder
Choctaw Casino Resort Choctaw Casino Resort
Durant, Oklahoma
"Samuel Wilder"
So overall good experience here. But I left my wallet in my hotel room.thats my fault. I left in a hurry the morning of checkout and got all the way home before I realized what had happened. I called and went though the process of having it shipped home to me, because all my ID, 200$, credit cards, and drivers license are in it. I haven’t been able to drive since I lost it. I can’t risk the ticket, and whoever they’ve got in their lost and found department is a idiot. All of them. It’s taken almost 2 weeks now. They told me over the phone that they shipped it, but when I checked the tracking # it said it hadn’t been shipped. So I called them again and they lied to me the first time. The person who was supposed to ship it didn’t. Said they did. An now I’ve gotta wait till Monday for them to ship it. Would’ve been a good review. Maybe y’all should do a clean out of your lost and found department. Some real idiots there