Bella Moon
Santo Domingo Princess Casino
Santo Domingo
"Bella Moon"
I had to make 2 separate reservation when I saw I was flying in before 3pm. I booked a room for the previous day because I was arriving at 3am. Told them for 2 people. When I came in the hotel was not about to locate the prior reservation, just for the room I had to booked the extra night. They also charge me because the prior reservation said 1 guess, while the new reservation for the room I booked the night prior to my arrival said 2 guest. I forgot my tooth brush, so be ready to pay 160 pesos. Be ready to pay for remote control. It is 5 dollars. Oh...did I mentioned when I arrived at 4 am exhausted and waiting 40 minutes for them to figure out their system. They gave me a room with guests already in there, of course sleeping.Imagining waking up in the middle of the night with someone opening your room door. Overall, free breakfast. Rooms, gym and pools are clean.