Daisy Chan
Longreach Jockey Club Inc. Longreach Jockey Club Inc.
Longreach, Queensland
"Daisy Chan"
Very disappointed! The point is I spent my 7 days for my 30th wedding anniversary at your hotel where I received terrible service. No upgrade, no complimentary cake, no greeting cards and not even a higher floor when I requested upon check in or room booking. It is a huge disappointment. I've been in this hotel several times since 1995, but I'm really disappointed this time! Because the 7 nights I stayed on my 30th wedding anniversary are the freezing days of winter, with only 7 ° C - 11 ° C, it was already unfortunate to check in to an ugly & old room unfortunately : The first is the window, cold wind into the room from the gap, while the room is only cold air conditioning is completely no heating equipment! In this cold weather, I had never stay in a hotel without heating. I had to ask the hotel to borrow two pillows to cover the window into the air gap , and borrow a heater. Really bad luck! Two weeks before my stay, I also specifically requested that I could stay in a beautiful room to spend my wedding anniversary Hong Kong holiday. Finally, I will consider panda hotel included in my vacation blacklist!