Jason Grauber
SugarHouse Casino SugarHouse Casino
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Jason Grauber"
Service at the SugarHouse Casino is piss poor the people who work there all have attitude issues and do not give one s*** about the customers! The manager of player Awards services literally put them in a notepad as he approached me in a threatening way as I have my hands answer my side and a calm and Collective way! The man literally try to speak down on me as if I was on educated unfortunately I'm very well educated have been around the block quite a few times he is a spoiled little b**** it should be rocking one of those House Bunny outfits serving drinks because a little b**** would never have a shot we were to lock it up as to feeding to why he was freeing his hands up as she's approaching me not as I was approaching him for I did not very unprofessional and boy would I like to go a few rounds at b**** in a cage