Vin Anthony
The Lodge Casino at Black Hawk
Black Hawk, Colorado
"Vin Anthony"
For a mountain casino to close their buffet restaurant over an hour early just because it’s snowing is ridiculous! To inconvenience patrons and loyal customers is not good business. It would be nice if it were announced or posted on the website but it wasn’t. Instead I arrived at 8pm to be rudely turned away after being told that I would need to be out of the restaurant at 8:30 wether I was finished dining or not! The 9:30pm closing time posted on the website should be honored no matter what especially after paying 20-24$ Per person. News flash!! This is Colorado it snows! To lose out or turn away any business is bad business especially when a patron is also looking forward to staying in the hotel for the evening as a guest! Closing times should be honored no matter what the weather is like and guests should never be inconvenienced like this. Makes me never want to go out of my way to make a visit here again. Very disappointed!