Rakly Dominguez
Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel
Jackson, California
"Rakly Dominguez"
I called ahead and asked about the buffet before making an hour and a half drive there. I was told to just come over that a line was just forming and I would be fine. I got my pregnant wife and 4 kids together ( another detail I emphasized over the phone) and we drove over an hour and a half to try the buffet. Once we arrived, we got to the buffet after valet parking, and were told it would be at least a six hour wait. I explained that I called ahead and I planned to make sure everything would work out smoothly. Everyone I spoke to including managers seem to care less. They told me there was no way to get in any sooner than 6 hours. Not one apology was given and I was told that it could go from having no wait, to a six hour wait within minutes. This could have been expressed to me over the phone especially since I told them I would be driving over an hour and a half. We didn't get to eat at the buffet because we had to get back in time for my kids to sleep and go to their baseball practice in the morning. Incredibly disappointing, especially since the entire family was very hungry and looking forward to eating, and of course since it was for a buffet, they weren't allowed to eat before that. Horrible customer service Jackson Rancheria, with no effort to make up for it.