J. Elva Quintanilla
Bears Sport Bar
Waubun, Minnesota
"J. Elva Quintanilla"
Its an OK little corner bar where everyone basically knows each other.. Food is good. Drinks are at a very decent price . It would be a much better place if it would stay open till the time its supposed to stay open. 95% of the time they close 3-4 hours to early. Also would be a great place if the bartenders would at least act and look like they enjoy their job instead of looking annoyed cus a customer walked in and wants to order a drink or food. Only one bartender that works there is nice and friendly and looks like she enjoys working there. Mo is a great bartender , and so is Gina....they greet the customers and are friendly. The other bartenders , well .. Put it this way , we basically only go there or try to go there when Mo or Gina are behind the counter. I love the wings from here and I wish you guys would bring the pizza back.