Eric Johnson
JACK Cleveland Casino JACK Cleveland Casino
Cleveland, Ohio
"Eric Johnson"
UPDATE: Jack's in many of its replies, including mine, state that by visiting their amenities you can get free parking. In my experience, this is misleading if not false. I was told the only way to earn free parking was to gamble, which I clearly stated in my review was not an option. I did visit an amenity - the Market District Buffet. Not only did I visit, I spent money. Fifty dollars. For breakfast. My most expensive breakfast ever. The price is clearly posted when you enter the parking garage. That was not my issue. Merchants usually offer discounted parking to their customers for parking. It is not clearly disclosed that the buffet is not an amenity. I was not told the parking policy until I inquired inside after I had parked. I did not ask, but I doubt my money would have been refunded if I left then. Gambling and amenities are stated separately. What are the amenities that may provide free parking? ORIGINAL REVIEW: I came downtown to go to the Sunday Brunch at the Market District Buffet inside Jack Casino and so I parked at the Jack Garage. Imagine my surprise when I found out I had to pay the full $25 parking fee if I did not partake in gambling. I do not gamble so that was not an option. My Sunday Brunch cost me $50, which is outrageous. I spent money here and I am not even considered a customer. When someone spends money at your establishment they are a customer! I may not be considered a valued customer since I do not gamble, but I am still a customer. I liked the selection of food available on the buffet line. My server Cash was wonderful.