Valerie M
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Rio San Juan
"Valerie M"
Beware of hookworm! We had a wonderful time at Grand Bahia. The food and service were amazing, we loved the family friendly atmosphere, and planned on making many returns to this resort. However, upon returning my young daughter developed a strange and itchy rash in her diaper area. After a visit to her pediatrician and then a dermatologist she was diagnosed with cutaneous larva migrans from a hookworm infection, contracted from stray cats that are on the beach at this resort. We are 2 months into treatment and the infection is still not resolved. I think this resort could be amazing but they absolutely must address this issue so travelers do not become infected. Be sure to not to sit on the sand and also make sure to wear sandals on the beach. Grand Bahia wrote us and stated that they believe our experience is isolated and that they cannot find similar cases, however a quick search on trip advisor will uncover at least 5 recent complaints that are similar to ours. Hookworm is absolutely a problem at this resort.