Cliff Show
St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake
Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
"Cliff Show"
I'm a frequent visitor so there's that... I win some, lose some. The staff is very friendly for the most part. I think the food, even at the short-order Prime Rib Stand, is excellent. Once you find a place to park, or valet, if walking isn't your thing, inside you will find a disproporti...never mind...VAST amount of old-timers s-l-o-w-l-y scuttling from machine to machine creeping along behind their over-sized aisle and pathway -blocking strollers and walkers, carts...old husbands, wives... friends and other old people from the casino bus. I admit it gets aggravating at times that's why I usually just push them out of the way or to the ground. I know it's wrong...which is why I'm just kidding. Old people are real people too. Someday I may even become one of those people. But hopefully not anytime soon. Anyway, Good Luck to ya and maybe I'll see you in the ATM line.