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Feb 26 '18 at 8:09

My best friend flew down for my birthday week in which we decided to go to Harrah’s. All was initially fine however it took a bitter turn for the worst. While playing some of the slot machines a $10 bill was attempted to be put into the machine however, it would not accept the bill therefore an attendant came over to help out. Upon further inquiry- she called her supervisor who then came and deemed the bill to be counterfeit. We then were escorted by several large all male employees & interrogated for about 45 minutes by the gaming manager. Upon which a police officer came to ask us questions. We had received the bill from within the casino yet were still being questioned. Rather then going over their security tapes to verify that I received the $10 from the bar- they felt it necessary to keep us and interrogate us. Rather than guests we felt very much like profiled criminals. After the police left- we were not reimbursed for our time OR money lost other than two free drink vouchers. The rest of the trip was full of security officers and employees watching and seemingly following us. Extremely disappointing that their protocol for counterfeit money was dealt with so poorly.