Nat Max
Magic City Casino Magic City Casino
Miami, Florida
"Nat Max"
We never made it to her seat but the venue what is London less good place to enjoy your concert. Magic City Casino passes up grade opportunity to sell concessions they have very few vendors and I didn't see anything that looked like anyone was trying to sell anything. Well it's a pleasure to go to a concert and not feel like there's a hard sell there's no anything but a few beer drink and there may have been food but I don't remember seeing it. It's a low cost venue for concerts we saw 3 bands and we thought we knew all the bands names but I don't know if that's the case. We did recognize the song this even though we have the name of the band wrong. Magic City Casino has very good parking and is conveniently located only a few blocks off of the 836 dolphin Expressway at 37th Avenue which is Douglas Road in Miami.