Epic Ma'at
Aransas Queen Casino Aransas Queen Casino
Aransas Pass, Texas
"Epic Ma'at"
This guys idea is genius eye wish eye could've manifested it myseld!!! A casino?........on a yacht?..........biiiiiiiiiiiiiiih?............upon arrival we were lost there isnt clear signage that lets you know what to do our where to go there was no staff directing anything.....nothing....but once we got someone on the phone we we figured it out. but the boat was alllllllll the way in the back My mate took me for my birthday as soon as we boarded the yacht we checked out all floors and posted up outside. There was a school of dolphins (which happens to be one of my favorite animals by the way) that put on a show for us until the boat pulled off. You cant gamble until you re about 7 miles out so we had drinks and laughed and talked. The boat did come with entertainment a dj who did karaoke. He did his thing (for his people) but eye can really see bigger things in the future. There wasn't alot of people there maybe like 25. Once we began to gamble we got stuck on the dice table mainly because eye got sea sick. Eye as throwing up and throwing dice at the same time?????? Which is crazy because that wasn't my first time on a yacht but it was my first time on a boat that messed up. They dont have a large selection of alcohol. But now that eye think about it eyem glad they didn't have any Jamison ?? Will definitely be returning minus the alcohol plus a few more of my people with me and my own music selection. They also had food we didn't eat any.