Resorts Casino Hotel Resorts Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey
We stood waiting to be seated 2xs at 15 minutes and it was not busy. We, a party of 4 had to walk to the back to the cashier to ask to be seated only to be told I don't know where everyone is. I stopped someone to be seated after he walked passed us twice. We were seated and asked another server if there was a child's meal menu and he told us abruptly,no. We continued to wait no one walked over no one came to say I will be your server. We walked out. As we entered the exit there was the server who passed us twice standing next to the manager, who asks what not staying? I said no abruptly no one came to serve us. The manager said nothing as we walked out. I guess they didn't like our kind in there..., hungry paying customers. ??. Don't go here if you like to eat and be treated nice as you pay expensively for a meal. Here you get what you don't see... Nothing. Sorry I can't rate the food I wasn't served. Pricing was high but tolerable.