Debbie Convery
The Greens Cafe The Greens Cafe
Henderson, Nevada
"Debbie Convery"
Popular eating spot! We spend a good couple of hours, watching people fill up every table as soon as they became available. Always great to see lots of locally sourced foods and drinks. Really tasty baby roast potatoes with half a head of roasted garlic... Beautifully sweet! The black pudding had an unusual but pleasant flavor. The steak sandwich was fantastic!! The seasoning was spot on, the salad leaves were thoroughly dressed, not just drizzled on the top, and the steak itself was cooked rare, to perfection. The only downside was that the bread was a little oily (on the outside) so I couldn't actually eat it as a sandwich. It was far too slippy to hold and I got covered in oil... So I just used my cutlery ?? Very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff 10/10