Jesus Gospel D
P&O Cruises - Pacific Dawn P&O Cruises - Pacific Dawn
North Sydney, New South Wales
"Jesus Gospel D"
P&O Cruise ships offer great services food, sanitation, safety travel holidays cheap fair you get Freedom relax sleep, swim, exercises keep health. In Dept NSW Housing acting lawyer Mccabes firm Mr Hawkes he is unfair injustice inhuman mistreat Victim to settle brain & other injuries by hand a false rort letter full of dishonest words that cheat Victims Human rights to paid massive compensation. Victim now had no compo to pay private drs and buy whole freestanding new house to treat therapy & pay private care for future yrs & spend large funds out of pocket expense on Mcabes & his dept lack of Justice.In time many yrs Mr Hawke comes back from his luxury holidays enjoy fine food, tours, parties says " Happy New Year 2018," but he deny Justice Fair full compensation to Victim who used travel on P& O cruise ships in past before Mr Hawkes & his inhumane staff client Dept stole away all the Victims enjoyment, holidays, house, health. Mr Hawke treats himself to luxury & rip off Victim to use compo for his selfish dishonest lack Justice. Victim went Court for compo & Mr Hawkes left Victim destitute. Shame on