Virginia Khan
Caesars Palace Caesars Palace
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Virginia Khan"
Right upon entering I was tired and sick from our 4 hour flight and being pregnant. We won this Vegas trip through a sweepstakes so when we realized we won we figured we'd have to bring along my 8m old son because there's nobody to watch him. I know babies in Vegas don't make sense but hey it's a free trip and he's a cool chill baby. Anyway there's no noticeable sign saying there's no babies allowed at the bar but I went to the nearby bar while my hub checked us in thinking I could possibly get a glass of water. I'm exhausted and sweaty at this point from all the walking carrying my son. When I politely asked her she snubbed me and interrupted me completely and said THERE'S NO BABIES ALLOWED AT THE BAR. I mean really? Had I known I wouldn't have even considered but it was out in the open near check in and I thought I could have a basic human privilege here in this luxuriously overflowing Las Vegas hotel. Rude staff totally tarnish the face of any business and she was the first employee I spoke to. What a first impression. Otherwise, the room service is phenomenal and all the other staff have been great. This place is HUGE though. I'd get lost if I didn't have my husband. Definitely one of the top 5 best hotels I've ever stayed at.