Shanita Mcintosh
MS Bahamas Celebration
Riviera Beach, Florida
"Shanita Mcintosh"
Okay. They say your charged a gratuity fee. Then everything you do on the trip your charged. Even for the clean up they charge you( which i thought that was apart of the gratuity they was suppose to charge us a day). And they didn’t mention any of this prior to us booking and my friend and I made sure we asked questions. But clearly we didn’t ask the right questions. Your charged 18% gratuity for everything you purchace. This is the first cruise I’ve been on that I had to pay to eat a BURGER (not including fries) everything should be included. Except merchandise and acholholic drinks. Even had to pay to see a comedy show that night. I will NEVER go back on this cruise. The reason I’m giving it 2 stars instead of 1 is because the staff were actually very nice and caring. Showed us great hospitality and we met a few awesome ppl on the cruise as well. Spend your money instead of paying the cheap way out. I’ve never spend my time writing reviews but I had to do it.