Hallie Zuber
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Mescalero, New Mexico
"Hallie Zuber"
We attended the Josh Turner concert on February 23rd, 2018. Josh was AMAZING (5 Stars). The venue was eh (1-2 Stars). Hence, my 3 star review.We had seats (there were standing room only tickets for the very back or seats towards the front), but because the seating was on a flat floor with only a slightly elevated stage, I could only see Josh about half the time. On top of that, the shot girl walking around would walk in front of us (literally through our row, stepping on my purse and feet) to sell her shots, instead of walking through the aisles and being courteous. It was rude and distracting. Drinks were expensive (which we expected from a casino), but the servers at the concert venue needed training on how to mix drinks. I only ordered one drink and maybe took two sips, because it was gross.