Michael Leazer
Cactus Petes Resort Casino Cactus Petes Resort Casino
Jackpot, Nevada
"Michael Leazer"
The new machines that have been put into the casino are not any fun. The odds at this casino have also seemed to get much worse on the machines. I can go to any other casino in town and at least win a little bit here and there but hours spent in this casino on a couple different trips have shown that the machines here will never really give you anything. The buffet here is pretty good but it is obvious they are trying to recover the cost of the recent unnecessary remodel. The buffet has gotten extremely expensive, even on week nights. They also seem to be using a tactic where they put the foods that cost them less up front where the tongs are away from the headlight and the foods that cost them more such as sea foods to the back where the tongs are positioned right below the heat lights so you cannot grab more than 1 or 2 of that item without getting burned. I do like the fact that the soda and coffee are self serve here but that comes at the cost that empty machines do not get refilled or even marked that they are empty, during our 3 day stay the Cherry Coke was empty the entire time.