Paul Middleton
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"Paul Middleton"
I was treated rudely by a floor manager after playing for a couple of hours at the roulette wheel. He watched me play for a couple hours and never said a word about a players card. I didn't offer when i was playing so i didn't hold up the game. It was so packed because 2 of the boards are broken. After i was done I politely (and quietly) asked the floor manager if I could get a comp or something just for a meal. A dealer suggested it to me. Instead I was berated about not using a card and publicly humiliated and made to sound like a piece of trash in front of all the players at both wheels and a blackjack table. Girls were literally laughing. I'm kinda shy. Needless to say I was mortified. Treated like trash for no reason. Loudly and publicly. Over a meal comp? I wasn't doing well (which means they were) and had no intention of stopping yet. I practically ran to my car. I think that did it for me. I'm so embarrassed I don't think I could show my face there ever again. Kinda still just wanna crawl in a hole and die. Not my idea of a good time.