Britt Thompson
Hollywood Casino - Baton Rouge Hollywood Casino - Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
"Britt Thompson"
We stopped here because we saw online that campers/Rvs were allowed to stay in the parking lot. I can't say much about the casino, because I'm not a gambler, but to me the casino was pretty boring. I have been to Vegas a lot so not much can compare to that. The casino is on an old steam boat which appears to be sitting on the bottom of the river, not floating in the water cause it doesn't sway or rock. It doesn't feel like you are on a boat, you can't go out on the balcony's and there are no windows to see out of. As far as the safety of the environment goes, this is why I gave it 5 stars, I felt the place was very safe. Security drives around the parking lot all day and night. We had asked security about where we could park in the parking lot, and it felt like since they knew we were camping they kept a close eye on us (I hope in a good way, meaning: not thinking we were going to cause trouble, but it didn't feel like that was the case). There are also a lot of security cameras in and around the parking lot. Something that should be noted if you decide to camp in the parking lot is if the Mississippi River is under flood warning this parking lot does flood! When we were there probably about 1/3 of the lot was closed off because of water that had flooded it. Nothing like watching waves crash in a parking lot. But it was still a big parking lot even without that 1/3.