Elena Belgum
Carson Valley Inn Carson Valley Inn
Minden, Nevada
"Elena Belgum"
Stayed there about a year ago and I feel like there was a big bait and switch. We had booked our room in the main building but were sent to some other building blocks away which was a Motor Lodge with absolutely no charm or atmosphere or restaurant or anything to do. The room was nice enough but I did not book a room in a Resort Casino to stay in the room the whole time. We could have found a different Motor Lodge for much less money . There was nothing in walking distance in the neighborhood either. There was a fire alarm at about 2:30 in the morning that emptied the entire building and had us all standing outside in literal freezing temperatures for 2 hours when there was no fire, it was some sort of building maintenance issue that they had not addressed. It was 30-40 minutes before someone from the company even showed up to tell us what was happening and had told us that this had happened before. On top of that since our one stay there I have been receiving Resort telemarketing calls from them almost everyday for a year now that will not stop from people who talk over you and will not listen or take you off the list. When I try to call the front desk to ask them to transfer me to someone who could take me off of this list, no one answers the phone and the mailbox is full. If I had any idea what I was in for I would have never booked a room there and never will again.