Au Domains
Kiama Park Kiama Park
Yaraka, Queensland
"Au Domains"
I booked a spot to camp for six of us. I was told that the spot we had wasn't big enough for all of us, so we were told to get a second spot. The second spot doubled our cost for the stay. As it turns out, the first spot was PLENTY big enough for all of us, and a spare tent, and all cars. The second spot was normal size, but right outside the toilet block, so we would have had the door slamming every minute all day every day and night. Luckily we never had to use the second spot - it sat there paid for but unused. It's a shame we were told we had to pay for it. Aside from this waste of money, the place was pretty good. Toilets got dirty quickly, but were cleaned regularly - two of the four got clogged twice during our stay. I would normally be back, but the waste of money left a dirty taste.