Tom Garcia
Jake's 58 Hotel & Casino Jake's 58 Hotel & Casino
Islandia, New York
"Tom Garcia"
Went for my mom's birthday, we were told when we tried to make reservations at the restaurant a week in advance that they didn't take them because they were never busy and wouldn't be more than a 10 minute wait. After an hour long wait when we were told it would only be 20 to 30, we were sat down and greeted by equally slow service, staff was friendly and was honestly the high point of the experience, but the food was slightly above average at best and a rather minimal dining selection all things considered. Beer was apparently scarce that night as both my brother in law and I had to select different draughts from what we wanted. The rooms although updated, seemed rather small. Parking is absolutely nuts, it's a large parking lot that still finds a way to fill quickly, but thank God they have free valet service that were actually pretty quick. The location is good and easy to find at least, but other than that not much great to say. All the games are electronic (which wasn't a surprise, but just figured I'd mention) which I don't particularly care for.