Alan B
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"Alan B"
This is currently more about the tour desk, which is technically part of the hotel. We stopped by the tour desk yesterday and happened to catch a very unhappy couple in the midst of argument with the desk manager (Bryan) Not knowing all the details, I was staying neutral in terms of picking sides; however I was ultimately taken aback by the other desk employee making a disparaging comment about the guests after they left in disgust. Despite the upset guest's advice not to use the Hotel's Tour Desk, I went ahead and booked an all day tour for our family of 4. Well before the 24 hr cancellation period, my wife decided she didn't want to go and attempted to cancel at the desk. The same woman from the day before was at the tour desk and would not agree to the cancellation (not clear why not). I stopped by the desk after breakfast to try and resolve the matter myself. Long story short, the same woman ultimately gave me the runaround as well and proceeded to disparage my wife as if she thought that it was normal to just disparage everyone. After multiple attempts to get me to exchange my wife's cancellation amount for hotel credit, she told me I would need to come back at noon to speak with her manager (Bryan). Instead I went back to my room and sent an email to Bryan & Customer Relations advising them not only was I was cancelling my wife's tour, I was cancelling for the entire family as well as the two spa treatments I had reserved. I could have taken the first customer's advice not to book with them and in retrospect I should have. It is never acceptable to disparage guests in the hospitality industry.