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"Layinglow95 95"
I really feel like I was ripped off!!! Was a little tippsy and lost $440 on slots in 2 minuets! (Not high roller $.05 slot). Went back the next day and asked them to review to make sure this was right (hey if I lost it cool I can except that) The stakes on this slot where very unclear but apparently I was betting $15 a hand which would be every 4 seconds for 2 minuets straight with no wins. (Ok this could possibly happen). I asked them to show me my bet amounts and hand history (but of course they couldn’t do this, even though it was less then 24 hours later!!) they just said hey you lost $440 in 2 minuets but we can’t tell you how much you were betting or why? Total scam!!! Don’t come here!! I live down the street and came here all the time but never again!!!!