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Apr 9 '18 at 16:29

Blake Frederick

Edgewater Casino

Blake Frederick
Slot machines cuddled together in a concrete and glass structure surrounded by the appearance of luxury. That is to say, underwhelming. Where are the bees? There are no flowers, no trees, no dirt even. I don't understand this place. I understand the allure of riches, don't get me wrong, but I can't see this as a proper vacation destination. Perhaps I'm missing something... something my income tax bracket won't permit me to experience. Everyone in Vancouver is abuzz about Parq and I want to be abuzz too. I pumped $180 into those slots on 3 separate visits. Thrilling? Not nearly as thrilling as a good book. That sounds derogatory, but I mean it seriously. Maybe I need to spend more to earn more. But I'm told to know my limit, play within it – and this is my limit. I was tempted by the poker tables becacuse it's the only game of skill in the whole joint, but I stayed away. I'd get roasted like a spring chicken by the stoic-looking seasoned players. Parq – maybe you'll like it. I didn't. 3 stars.