Hilliarie Silcox
Wildhorse Resort and Casino Wildhorse Resort and Casino
Pendleton, Oregon
"Hilliarie Silcox"
I am shocked to not have seen more poor reviews, as my guest and I will not be returning. We made a reservation and when we arrived, the table was not yet set. Possibly, the server was delivering the tastelsss lamb that we later ordered, but we waited almost fifteen minutes before we were greeted and offered cocktails. When the drinks did arrive, I feel that sand would have tasted just as good. The crab cakes for starters, were "jumbo" but again, like the lamb we were left with very little taste. The representation reminded me of the flap jacks my 7 year old once made. I asked my server for more water as the glass being dry was not clue enough. I watched her, and other servers walk by several times until my guest had to wave down a young man, with the pitcher, filling up other guests water. We ordered entrees half rack of lamb and halibut. As stated before, the lamb was tasteless and the halibut was severely overcooked. The potatoes had an instant mashed potatoe taste, although the "taters" were plated nicely. The sauteed mushrooms were the best part of the whole meal. Save your money, your time and drink your dinner in the lounge. You can lose the money gambling downstairs that you would have spent on dinner and have gained more satisfaction.