Gregory Erba
Carson Valley Inn Carson Valley Inn
Minden, Nevada
"Gregory Erba"
I drove 500 miles to perform in the Cabaret Lounge with my band. After the first night's performance, I returned to the Motor Lodge in snow, to find that my room key did not work. I had to walk back to the hotel registration by foot, and was given a new key, and offered no ride back. I walked back to find the new key did not work. Again, in the freezing cold, at 1am, had to walk back to the main hotel. They said they would have an engineer meet me back at my room. I waited over 45 minutes outside until he arrived before I was let in. The next morning, I exited my room to get some ice, and upon returning, found my room key did not work, again. My wallet locked inside. I had to walk back to the main hotel, yet again to tell them I was still dealing with a bad door. I asked if I could be given a new room at this point (Thursday morning, the parking lot was sparse)... the manager said they had absolutely no rooms available to me, because of "renovations". I had to then return to my room by foot with yet another key.... it did not work. A lady from housekeeping asked if I needed help, and she called an engineer. Another 30 minute wait outside in the cold. The engineer managed to get me in the room... but now I had to wait for him to "replace the batteries" on the door to see if my third set of keys would even work. Unbelievable. Very disheartening to see how the talent is treated here. I am currently sitting in my room, waiting for the engineer to return. The lack of hospitality being shown is beyond disappointing, considering how far I traveled to provide entertainment for the Casino. Amazed that they refuse to simply trasnfer me to another room.