Tabitha Bogardus
Boston Billiard Club & Casino Boston Billiard Club & Casino
Nashua, New Hampshire
"Tabitha Bogardus"
I come here with coworkers quite often & have very mixed feelings - pretty wide variety of experiences. I can't speak for the casino side of the business. Pros: Definitely a fun atmosphere to play pool or just hang out; good selection of beer, mixed drinks, wine; overall great bar food; waitstaff are generally very friendly and pleasant; nice happy hour. Cons: Live performances are often VERY loud so you can't hear each other, even as early in the evening as 5pm. Part of this is that the acoustics in the giant space are pretty awful. Had a couple nights where the performer didn't sound good at all on top of that. Could probably stand to hire a few more waitresses as, while they're clearly doing the best they can, service can be slow & spotty. There's also no good outdoor area for non-smokers since everyone is always smoking in the area they do have. Overall we still find this to be a good location for our outings and usually have a good time, but there are definitely some improvement areas.