Dar Steckelberg
The Point Casino The Point Casino
Kingston, Washington
"Dar Steckelberg"
Had an awful experience there this past weekend. We used to really enjoy going here. We would often stay at the Clearwater hotel before The Point built their own, and we'd go up here to gamble because we felt the games were better and the staff nicer. Then after not going up there for almost a year, we decided to head back and were completely disappointed. The restaurant had gutted their menu and had a much smaller sample of entrees and sides, removing most of our favorites. The waitress seemed to be bothered she had to wait on us; when my wife asked if she could spark up her salad with some chicken, shrimp, or other option, the waitress just flat out shot her down. Really? What kitchen can't be bothered to liven up a salad a little and correspondingly charge a little more to make a customer's dining experience better? Then when it came to the games it felt like they'd done the same as the bistro: removed our favorites and cut down the options of any fun games. They certainly didn't pay anything out. Not that we ever expect to walk away with anything, but we expect our gambling money to last long enough for us to blow off some steam and have a little fun! Instead it took about an hour for us to circle the drain--we weren't doing anything any differently than we'd done at other casinos where our bankroll usually lasts several hours. After a disappointing night, the experience continued the next morning when my wife woke with a migraine--she is practically paralyzed when she gets these--but the hotel desk staff had zero sympathy and refused to let us have a later check-out. My wife was in the room on the bed suffering from blinding pain when she wasn't in the bathroom throwing up while I was trying to eke out a slightly later check-out time so she could manage to function. Finally a manager let us have 30 minutes, but that only meant my wife got to throw up in their parking lot twice on the way to the car because she was still wracked with pain. I'd have given this place 4 or 5 stars before from our previous visits, and the only real reason we hadn't been back in almost a year was because the ferry trips were a hassle and extra expense when there are closer casinos. However when you add that inconvenience and our miserable experience from this last visit together, it means we will not be back EVER.