Jess Kaufman
Plaza Hotel and Casino Plaza Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jess Kaufman"
This hotel has newly been renovated in the last few years the playing area is not very large it's a little bit more of a quiet Hotel I've noticed they do have some great food options they have Hash Hash House there and they have some other little shops for just going to take and go type meals the pool areas on the rooftop it seems to me that it gets son most of the day which is nice looks like there's a food truck up there by the pool as well it's in a good location right at the end of Fremont Street. I'd say I haven't had the best luck in gambling at this hotel it is a nice area if you just want to be in a more quiet area being that it is smaller it doesn't seem as smoky. My biggest complaint is I can barely get in the door without someone harassing me to get free show tickets, free vouchers to a hotel or restaurant, just kind of bombarding you. one time I actually did stop and speak with them and I was not impressed with what was actually offered in free show tickets. doesn't mean any show of your choice it's usually these ones that are not that great. I just want to go and relax and Gamble, and sit by the pool, I don't need somebody bugging me continuously about going to shows....if I want to go to a show I know where to find you.