marcus holcomb
Kiowa Casino
Devol, Oklahoma
"marcus holcomb"
The owners steal from the clientele. The slots are a joke. It is well known they set the machines to not payout as there is no payout requirements for the state of Oklahoma. Look for the wannabe Mr. T walking around the casino wearing all his hideous gold jewelry that looks like it came from the pawnshop down the road. Required to ante $0.50 to play card games is a total scam. It throws the odds off so much you have to bet big or slowly be drained of your funds. Might as well give half the money to the homeless and keep the rest for a rainy day. Craps are unbelievably stupid as they do not use dice. What idiot came up with this idea and what other idiots agreed? They should be ashamed that they steal from seniors as many of them do not realize the slots DO NOT payout EVER! The only reason to go here is for entertainment, similar to going to a carnival... you know you are going to get taken advantage of by high prices for food, over priced alcohol, games that are designed to steal money from you, and the feeling of being prey while the predators walk around the casino licking their chops. My grandmother was half Choctaw as her grandmother was from the Choctaw nation. I'm truly embarrassed the nation has given the white man the same ammo the native Americans used to say about them... "White man speak with forked tongue" ... now the saying should be "casino owners AND white man speak with forked tongue". That's right... you know it's true and you know who you are. Deceptive practices feeding on unsuspecting seniors and people that don't understand gambling. Legalized theft is exactly what it is. Believe it. Do some research for yourself.