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Apr 7 '18 at 11:26

Martyna Ferenc

Martyna Ferenc
Bartenders can be very rude telling someone from my family they cannot have anymore drinks because she has 2 children when she wasn’t even drunk or tipsy. The food never changes its always the same, one time all of the jellies had some black at the bottom. However other than that the food is nice but its always the same thing. It always gets hugely crowded at breakfast so you cant eat in peace. We went in the easter holidays and huge amounts of small football teams came and made the whole hotel noisy. There isnt a clear label as to what drinks you can have and if you have to pay for them. Its really easy to lose your all inclusive and drink cards. However the cleaning ladies do an amazing job you get fresh towels everyday and you get bath gels everyday. You cannot bring shishas and alcohol or beer into your room. The elevators are always taken during breakfast lunch and dinner but other than that the elevators are nice however it can be very littered inside the elevators.