Fallon Walker
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Thackerville, Oklahoma
"Fallon Walker"
Always have a great time here with my family. Love the new non smoking Rio area! The one thing I wish this place did better was food and coffee. There's really nothing super good here, and the buffet is kind of a joke. When they first opened the Grand Via buffet it was pretty good but it has gone way downhill since then. It's so expensive to eat there.. surely they can afford better food? You know this place makes outrageous amounts of money.. invest I'm some tastier and healthier food! The other thing is the lack of good coffee. The Paris cafe has decent coffee but it's the only place that's open all day and it's a long walk to get there when you want to avoid the smoke as much as possible. Really should have another coffee bar somewhere nearer to the Rio. The free coffee is pretty terrible. Come on, Winstar, invest some of that money in a better guest experience! We give you so much money gambling, it's the least you could do.