severin murphy
Quechan Casino Resort Quechan Casino Resort
Winterhaven, California
"severin murphy"
Copious cups of coffee urged us to look for a pit stop. The several morning-beers quaffed turned that urge into an absolute necessity. Just outside of Yuma, on a warm May morning, we took the exit for the Quechan Casino. We pushed our way through a nearly opaque, mostly impenetrable wall of cigarette smoke to reach the cool air of the Casino's main (only?) room. The restrooms are located near the entrance from the parking lot. They were spacious and clean. After doing our duty in the privy, we returned to the Casino proper. It looked as if it were one large room. If there was more to it, we never saw it. We took a few minutes to lose all of the change in our pockets to the penny slots and to harangue the mobile server of drinks for something free. Turns out they serve the players, but not with free drinks. As my eyes began to water from over-long exposure to cigarette smoke, we began to make our way back to the car. On the way out we saw a sign for a non-smoking room. I would like to check that out sometime. Well, reason enough to return. For now, back to the road trip.