Blaze Martinez
Johnny Nolon's Casino
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"Blaze Martinez"
Their video poker is CANCER despite good pay tables -- you could lose thousands quick and I have. Their video poker sucks away money, fast. I did hit a few big hits, but it's not enough -- I would need to hit 50 Royals in a row to even get even, it's a total scam. Colorado Gaming Commission has been alerted. House hold on the VP must be 15-20% or higher, based on what I've seen, which illegal. Slots are a better bet. Promotions are OK -- probably above average -- but there is way too much paperwork. They must spend a fortune on paper and printing up all their promotions, which is a total waste of money and unnecessary. All promos should be handled electronically on a player's kiosk, but owner is too cheap to implement those. Food is decent, maybe above average but not great, either. Hit and miss on the food. Usual Sysco fare, to be honest. Comps are pretty generous, but comps can't be redeemed for anything other than cigarettes or food. Employees seem cheerful but also a little depressed, too. Ownership probably has something to do with that. The insane amount I lost here on video poker means I'll NEVER return. They will keep losing business if they keep rigging their VP machines and prevent Royals. I don't know what they do, but it has to be illegal. The video poker is a trash in the long-run, despite the generally good paytables. You won't get a Royal, and if you do, you'll have to put in $10k before you hit one for $1k. How stupid is that? Video poker is cancer here. Only way to be here is to bet one penny an hour and try to collect promos, otherwise your money will vanish quickly.