Abby Q Mudd
Lucky's Casino - San Carlos Lucky's Casino - San Carlos
Ciudad Quesada
"Abby Q Mudd"
I am infuriated with the lack of professionalism here. 1. The English only at the tables isn’t inforced, there is constantly talking in other languages....about other players appearances, unrelated things and opens the door for the possibility of collusion of some kind. I’ve also heard the dealers talking in both Tagalog, and Mandarian to players during hands. This unacceptable. 2. They allow players to slow roll you to the point of you being paid out, only for them to show their hands. It’s very upsetting. I have been bullied, called fat, and had cards shoved in my face. But the slow rolling, and the dealers allowing it....has me infuriated and hurt. This is basically a social club, with legal gambling. 3. Dealers make mistakes consistently. I’ve seen dealers miss full houses, flushes, and straights, only for players to correct them. 4. It’s gross, old and run down. This wouldn’t matter if the game was good. 5. 1-1-2 is essentially a 2-4 game, kills are so often, that it’s somerimes like 8-16. This is fine but the max buy in is 200 dollars. It makes the game play very weird. 6. Dealers favor regulars. I’ve seen people reeking of weed, high as kite, and literally asleep at the table. 7. If you are a young woman, you will be both bullied, hit on, and picked on. Dealers don’t defend you, they don’t step in. This place has basically ruined poker for me. They need to make some serious changes if they want to attract younger crowds. (Which they should, young people in bay are have money, and this place should be targeting them)