Garden Buffet Garden Buffet
Restaurant @ The Star
"Andrew Cheung"
Quite a nice buffet with good selection (and very wide variety) of food. The decor is very modern and feels quite luxurious, everything seems clean, and the waiters come and clear dishes and clean up frequently, and are very polite. There were always dishes and cutlery available when required. I found the seafood options a bit underwhelming (prawns, mussels, clams, and sushi, with chili crab in another section), but we were there on a Monday night, so it wasn't seafood night. The refresh/refill of the food was very good, there wasn't any long period that the serving stations were empty of any dish, so I guess it is better to go on a busier night, as from my observation they didn't run out of food, so everything was 'fresher'. The pizzas were a bit dry and overcooked, probably because they were sitting under the heat lamp, and the roast was a bit tough. I think things like stews, curries, and dishes in sauce are better suited to the buffet experience. The roast chicken was quite good though if you get a fresh batch. The chili crab was precooked crab that was then fried in the chili sauce, so it ended up feeling a bit overcooked, while not really absorbing the sauce properly. Big selection of desserts too, which is great (or terrible) for kids. Multiple chocolate fountains, and a soft serve machine, plus popcorn to keep them happy (but exceedingly sugared up). The price is slightly on the high side for what you get, but it is located in a premium location. You also get parking validated if you eat here, which is a nice bonus if you are already at the star.