Garden Buffet Garden Buffet
Restaurant @ The Star
"Arun Selvanathan"
I went on Friday 06/04/18 for the seafood buffet with my friends. This place had really gone downhill since the last time I went. Not even worth the money anymore. At 69.90 for only around 6 seafood options. There was oysters, prawns, crabs, mussels sushi and grilled barrumundi. There was no other options for seafood. For that money I expected more cooked hot seafood dishes. There was not even any salmon. I am really disappointed with what has happened to this place. Also the quality of the food had gone down a bit as well. Minus one or two dishes (southern fried chicken and braised lamb which were good) rest of the cooked food was not up to the usual standard I have come to expect from this buffet over the years. I really hope it improves.