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Restaurant @ Flamingo Las Vegas
"mark walhberg"
Never in my life have i had someone treat me as bad as this girl did to me today. She's a chubby dark frida looking girl name claudia. Shes so rude. I really dont know how they allow her to work there. She needs to be re trained and perhaps put on probation or something. As a CEO of a small business i would not allow this girl to treat customers and co workers the way she did. Shes not a team player and has a very bad energy. She deffenatly needs an attitude check. I like the flamingo because their hotel prices are fair and comes with a breakfast. but i might have to look for a different casino to stay next time. Claudia makes the flamingo look bad. Managers need to have a talk with her or she needs to find a job that suits her attitude because no one wants to see or work around a person like her. The food was good tho. The other girls were nice.