Le Village Buffet Le Village Buffet
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
"Liad Bitton"
I'd give it between four and five stars, but not fully 5. The selection was indeed very good, and the flavors were really good. I liked the selection of desserts which was really appetizing as well, and very diverse. You also get two rounds of beer/wine which is nice. What you get is ~2 kinds of fish, ~3-4 kinds of chicken/meet, some seafood, and many more delicious sides, many of them are yummy. The things to improve: service was so-so. Pretty slow and not attentive. I'd expect more protein dishes (like non veggie sushi or some beef which was lacking) Also, some of the desserts were very good, but some, like the macaroons and maccarels were not fresh at all (really felt like a day or two old)