Jenny Lynn
Arizona Charlie's Decatur Arizona Charlie's Decatur
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jenny Lynn"
Older casino that tries to lure fresh tourist blood in with easy reward points, free gifts, cheap food and better payouts. I'm normally the youngest person in there and I'm almost 50. Normally casinos are cold to me, so I always have a jacket. This one was actually too warm. Decor is mostly dark. Think terribly smokey and lots of mirrors. (Smoke and mirrors?!) The exact place where you picture Gambler's Anonymous getting their clients. 😆They have a glass enclosed non-smoking area but the updated slot machines aren't in there. If I'm on the northwest part of town and have time to kill where I don't mind smelling like I came from a bar, then I go there for exactly what they lured me in for (see above!). I just don't drive there specifically. I'm enjoying my free t-shirt and Bluetooth flameless candle as we speak. I've always wanted my candles to serenade me in addition to setting the mood to write reviews!