Rancheria Grille
Restaurant @ Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino
"Tawn Goetjen"
The quality of food the last few times I have eaten at the grille was just okay. The steak special is a good price however it's a small portion of meat and with the overcooked vegetables makes for a rather boring experience. One of my favorites and what I would suggest from the grilles menu is the "Chicken Chipotle Pasta." A few weeks ago I called to place an order to go and they refused to take the order without a credit card. So I had to walk-in, place the order and wait till it was ready which made for a lengthy dinner time. The reason you want food to go is out of convenience, simplicity and not having to wait too long. The food was bland and the pasta was mushy and over-cooked. I should have called them to complain, however I don't think my opinion would change the outcome. Wait staff and service are always pleasant and memorable.