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Nov 25 '17 at 16:00

Premier Nightclub

philip bangura
RACISM AT PREMIER NIGHT CLUB. I came down to A.C. with my good friend. We decided to go to Premier for our outing. We had gotton all dressed up and hoping to have a good time. When we got to the entrance we were stopped and told that we could not get in because the club did Not have a lot of people. The time 1:30 am the security told us that the place was closing down around 4 am. But since a lot of people were not there we could not get in. When a few seconds later two white couple were allowed to get in. We asked the security why he had allowed them in and we were told that the couple had been there before. After that we saw the security allow many other white people, into the club. From that experience i would say that if your BLACK, Premier is not the place for you. I GIVE IT A NEGATIVE REVIEW. -1000