Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar
Restaurant @ The Linq
"James Weller"
I was extremely surprised at how awesome the food is. I came in expecting ribs but they were not serving them this evening. I chose the pastrami burger instead. Can't believe guy had no ribs! It was a little upsetting when they placed the next tables for in front of me. They ordered a pork plate. It looked delicious. Still waiting for my burger a while later. They just came up ten minutes after this and told me they lost my order can I tell it to them again. I almost walked out but we will wait and see what happens. Biggest mistake ever. Good shows up the burger is burnt, I think they have been cooking it since I ordered it. The bun is way too small for the burger. It was so sorry on the bottom that it was mushy and the top feel into pieces within two bites. Apparently everyone else loves this place but I can't see how they are still in business.