Pancho Villas Pancho Villas
Restaurant @ Horseshu Hotel and Casino
"Michael Leazer"
Machines seem to pay out a lot better here then other casinos in town, this is my observation from many trips to Jackpot. The great at the restaurant here, the servers are excellent, the manager even came by to each table to make sure everything was good. In past stays here I have stayed at the hotel and found it to be excellent as well. Love that there is a general store next door. It was a shame to see that this casino is no longer 27/7 and is only opened a couple hours a day a couple days a week, otherwise this would have been a 5 star review. Would have been nice had the casino posted these new limited hours online. Looked forward to spending time here when I came down but only got to eat dinner and spend about an hour here due to the new hours.