Seven Fires Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Black Bear Casino Resort
"Bryanna Anttila"
Check-in time is posted as 4pm (which is later than any other hotel I’ve stayed at) and rooms STILL weren’t ready at 5 - with no idea when they would actually be ready. The reason they’re not ready is there was a full house the night before - I think 11-4 is plenty of time to turn rooms. Sounds like a staffing issue, not a paying guest issue. Meanwhile I’ve got three kids in the freaking lobby going crazy. Once I demanded to speak to a manager and actually got a room it was fine. Clean, good sized room. TV might as well not existed. 19” TV without HD isn’t exactly what I’d expect from a ‘modern resort’. The breakfast buffet was a good value and great selection which is the only reason why I’m even giving 2 stars. The hotel itself would get a big zero.